• No Dinx / NCVA Boys Far Western Bid Tournament


    January 12-13, 2013

    Divisions: 18 Open, 17 Open, 16 Open, 15, Open, 14 Open



    San Mateo Event Center


    Tournament Hotels

    Online Schedule/Results


    Entry Fees / Registration Deadline

    Entry Fee: $550 for all age divisions

    Registration deadline: December 17, 2012

    Teams will be accepted after the deadline, if space is available, with an entry fee of $650

    There are no refunds after December 17, 2012


    San Mateo Event Center - 2495 S. Delaware Street, San Mateo, CA 94403

    Tournament Check-In & Roster Verification

    Prior to beginning play, a coach, team representative or club director must confirm a team’s presence at the Tournament by signing the roster.  The signing agent is verifying that all the information contained on the roster is both complete and correct.    No roster additions (players or coaches) may be added at a Bid Tournament once a team has commenced match play in that event.

    The signing agent assumes all responsibility for the organization (club) and for any consequence if the roster information is false or incorrect.  At the time of check-in, the head coach or club director will be required to sign a statement that all reported team competition results are complete and accurate.

    The players for any team earning a bid will be frozen as submitted at registration (Frozen Player Rule).  The Bid Tournament will send a copy of this roster to the Events Department of USA Volleyball following the conclusion of the Bid Tournament as the team’s official roster for the USAJNC.   The team’s roster will be posted on the USAV website in convert with the Bid Tournament rankings for each age group.

    For any USAJNC event, each player is required to wear the same jersey number throughout the entire event, with limited exceptions as required by emergency or blood rule applications.

    All coaches are required to carry their signed players' Medical Release Forms with them at all times during the tournament. You do not need to submit these forms to the NCVA at Check-In. You may be asked to present these forms at any time during the event.

    All teams must bring a complete roster to check-in. Please make sure that you have the following information for all players listed on a roster: DOB, jersey number, member number. Please make sure that you have the following information for all staff listed on a roster: member number, IMPACT certification.

    Wave Assignments

    Wave Assignments will be posted closer to the event date.

    Updating Rosters

    The DEADLINE to update all Roster Information online is 5:00 PM on:

    Friday,  December 21, 2012

    All teams are required to provide current roster data

    Please provide all of the required information for the printable roster:

    USA Volleyball Membership Number
    Jersey Number

    Rosters must have USAV membership numbers to be VALID

    Review the roster and be sure it is complete and correct, then print it.  Sign the roster and pack it to bring to check-in at the Far Western Tournament Desk.

    Updating Team Results

    The DEADLINE to update Team Results online is December 21, 2012

    To provide the best tournament seeding, it is the responsibility of the club director and/or coach to report complete and accurate results data.

    Bids Offered in Each Division


    Coaches Meeting

    There will not be a coaches meeting. However, there will be qualified Tournament Directors on hand to answer any and all questions you may have.

    Tournament Schedule

    The entire tournament schedule and program will be posted online. Be sure to check the website just before departing for any last minute format changes due to teams being dropped or added. If you would like printed copies of the format or schedule, please take the time to print these off from home. The NCVA will not be providing printed materials at the tournament in our effort to Go Green!

    Coolers & Food

    No coolers or outside food is allowed in the San Mateo Event Center.

    This is a site requirement so please pass this information on to your team parents who are traveling to the tournament.

    Security will be posted at the entrance of the event center to ensure that this Event Center requirement is upheld.


    The San Mateo Event Center charges for parking.

    USA Volleyball High Performance Tryouts

    USA Volleyball will be conducting the following High Performance tryouts

    Friday night, January 4, 2013
    Check-In: 4:00 PM
    Tryout: 5:00 - 8:00 PM

    For more information, go to:
    USA Volleyball High Performance

    IMPACT Requirement

    The following coaching certification is required to coach at the Boys Far Western Bid Tournament:

    ALL coaches listed on the Event Roster (Head and/or Assistant(s)) will possess a minimum coaching certification level of IMPACT (Entry Level). An IMPACT certified coach (head coach, assistant or other adult) listed on the Event Roster must be present and on the bench at all times.

    IMPACT Clinic

    The NCVA will be offering an IMPACT Clinic in conjunction with the No Dinx / NCVA Far Western Bid Tournament.

    If you are interested in becoming IMPACT certified, a clinic will be held at the San Mateo Event Center on Friday, January 4, 2013

    The clinic is from 6:00 PM- 11:00 PM with check-in beginning at 5:30 PM.  Please do not be late.

    If you register for the IMPACT clinic by December 28, 2012 for the IMPACT Clinic, you will be charged a $60 registration fee and are guaranteed to have materials at the clinic.  Registrations after December 28, 2012, or on-site, are not guaranteed materials at the clinic and the registration fee will be $80 for late registration.

    There are no refunds if you do not attend the clinic.

    Other IMPACT options:

    USA Volleyball Webinar:
    More information on the USA Volleyball IMPACT Webinar

    For more information, please visit our IMPACT Clinic Information Site

    Site Rules

    Below are the site rules for all NCVA Tournament facilities:

    Please remember that no outside food or beverages are allowed inside the facilities. Water will be allowed when carried in individually out of any cooler.

    Penalties for violating these rules are:

    1. Warning
    2. 13 Point penalty and receive $100 fine from the NCVA
    3. Will be asked to leave the tournament and receive $100 fine from the NCVA


    Click on the age division below to see the format for that division

    18 Open 17 Open 16 Open 15 Open 14 Open

    Seed Assignments

    To view seed assignments for your division, please click the appropriate link:

    18 Open 17 Open 16 Open 15 Open 14 Open


    Click on the age division below to see the results for that division

    18 Open 17 Open 16 Open 15 Open 14 Open